Maison ID Art-Mony

Maison ID Art-Mony

Let your inspiration guide you to create your own original models collection for bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, garden

MAISON ID ARTMONY was established in 1990 in Madagascar, and specializes in high-end hand-embroidery and lace. Claudy RANDRIAMBOLOLONA and her embroiderers create sophisticated products for the home, mainly bed linen and tablecloths.
MAISON ID ARTMONY uses different materials such as cotton, linen, silk and raffia and can also execute custom-made designs.
For many years now, we have been exporting our products to Europe and our experience allows us to meet international quality requirements.



Fashion accessories and decorative cushions

SILOUETTE produces a range of beautifully handcrafted fashion accessories and home décor products made from Madagascan raffia. Products include cushions, bags, hats and scarves. Most products are dyed using vegetable dyes making them 100% natural. Slight variations in color are a typical feature, that guarantee the uniqueness of these handmade products. SILOUETTE works according to fair trade principles, respecting people and the environment and strives to make unique and eco-friendly products.

Tahiana Création

Tahiana Création

Fashion accessories and home decoration from natural fibers

Tahiana Création mixes and matches a variety of ecologically friendly raw materials. Our company is specialized in growing and using the ‘vetiver’ fiber, a natural grass with many applications. The company produces fashion accessories and articles for home decoration. 28 years of experience in the process of natural dyeing has resulted in an extensive palette of colors. Tahiana Création exports to Europe and the United States and is a WFTO Guaranteed Member.

World of Weaving

World of Weaving

WOW embraces Fair Trade principles and seeks to empower women and local communities in Tanzania through crafts production

WORLD OF WEAVING ‘WOW’ produces high quality hand-woven products straight from the handloom. The company uses cotton grown in Tanzania and integrates natural fibers and other local fabrics into its designs.

Each product is handmade and therefore unique. ‘WOW’s collection consists of throws, cushion covers, scarves and a range of bags. They also offer the possibility to develop customized designs. WOW works according to Fair Trade principles.

Aluminium bracelet

Bawa Hope


Bawa Hope is a Fair-Trade company that works with marginalized handicraft artisans in Kenya by linking them to global markets.


The company works with creative women and men, with the capacity to produce high quality products at competitive market prices.


These artisans do not want sympathy or charity—but an opportunity to access and compete in global markets.


Our products range from:

  • Jewelry: Necklaces, earrings, wristbands
  • Fashion: Bags: handbags, shoppers
  • Living: salad servers, bowls
  • Lifestyles:Soapstone gift Items, Wooden gift Items, Recycled gift Items



Create and develop Contemporary Ethnic jewellery products that satisfy the consumer’s desire for Value, Quality and Fashion, whilst taking care of our environment and creating opportunities for marginalized communities.



To access gifted art, jewelery, craft and gift artisans, largely drawn from rural and slum communities, to wealth creating global markets. Capitalize on sustainable and recycled raw materials to develop an attractive and unique range of products that have a competitive edge in global markets. Access ethical markets with a human face that allow artisans to generate acceptable returns to their investments.



Environmental conservation is a key pillar of Bawa Hope’s core values. Bawa seeks to use enterprise as a tool not only for empowering marginalized artisans, but safeguarding the environment.

The women, living in these informal settlements, see value in many of the things that we throw away! The bags combine sisal, which occurs in abundance, and waste banana fibre amongst other materials to create an attractive and functional fashion accessory. By buying these products, you help create demand that fuels further collection, processing and utilization of waste material thus safeguarding the environment.