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Eastern Living International is a home-décor manufacturing and trading company, based in Bantul, Indonesia. We pride ourselves in the development of contemporary designs and products, working in collaboration with our customer partners. Customer relationships are at the core of our business, where we strive to always put the customer first. It is our genuine desire to build these trust relationships, growing together and adding value to each other’s businesses.

Underlying all aspects of our business is the respect for both ‘people’ and ‘planet’. This approach to sustainability is reflected in our relationships with our workers, our customers, as well as our respect for the environment.

We hope that, through our products, we are able to share Indonesian warmth, and love for the natural environment, around the world.

Company name:

Eastern Living International


Ms. Riris D. Mahanani






+62 274 2810257

Export products:

Home décor products

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USA, Canada, Spain, UK, Germany, Australia