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Thit Home Decor

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We are a medium sized family business with long term experience in wood working, producing a variety of furniture, floorings, doors, and home decorations for (semi) customized production and developed a very small home décor collection ready for retail.

We combine hand-made techniques with special tools and machines, using a large variety of local wood types, e.g. the most beautiful teak and rain tree wood.

Export licenses for wooden products can only be acquired, if the wood is proven from traceable sources in Myanmar. We offer a couple of natural finishing materials.

Myanmar Yun by Ever Stand Artisans - main

Myanmar Yun


Bagan, the heart of pagodas & temples, also of very exclusive quality artwork: Yun.

Home décor is handmade of wickerwork, followed by a huge amount of layers of natural wood resin coming from a special local tree. Tree sap is tapped for limited time to not harm the tree. Surfaces are engraved, incisions filled with colors. Styles were derived from several Jataka stories of Buddha, nowadays created in traditional & contemporized versions.

Since ’86 Ever Stand has trained many artisans, preserving ancient techniques, contributing to local community development.

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Sone Tu


SONE-TU is a social enterprise producing handwoven textiles made of handspun or machine spun cotton. Our throws, cushion covers, blankets, bedspreads, and scarves are handwoven on traditional looms by Chin women living in Rakhine state.


SONE-TU focuses on respect for people and culture. We provide Chin people with education and job opportunities to become economically independent and preserve their traditional cultural heritage. Many traditional Chin patterns are incorporated into textiles designed by Mai Ni Ni.

We teach Chin women weaving skills and create jobs for them to earn a fair wage. Wider community support is provided by enabling Chin children from remote areas to attend school while receiving food, housing, and tuition support.

Where to buy

Our London office keeps stock of products that we will soon present on our webshop for retailers. Importers can also buy from stock in Yangon.